AIYON Abogados is consolidated among the most important law firms of Madrid

Recently Diario MARITIMAS publishes an article mentioning the excellent work our colleagues Julia García, Verónica Meana and Yon Murua are doing in attending the AIYON Abogados Madrid office.
The law firm Aiyon Abogados S.L.P., specialized in Maritime, Transport and Insurance Law and international trade has established itself between the major law firms of its field. After three years of operation, the firm has recently moved its Madrid headquarters to Calle Velazquez 24, from where it offers a wide range of services related to its areas of practice.

The lawyers Julia García, Veronica Meana and Yon Murua head the office in Madrid, which they consider “an essential location where many of the key transport operators are based and from where you can travel easily to any other point of the country”.

From their office in Madrid, these three lawyers take on the same types of matters that in their other offices, in Bilbao, Cádiz and Algeciras. Among these matters are flagging and ship registration, ship building and repair contracts, sale and purchase contracts, financing, liens, ship mortgages, charter parties, maritime employment, carriage of goods, passenger claims, maritime accidents, maritime insurance contracts and arrest of vessels.

Aiyon Abogados also advices on land carriage, multimodal contracts and air transport contracts. Advice on insurance policies, claims handling, recoveries, civil liability and damages, add to their range of services. They also have wide experience in international trade, advising on international sale of goods, agency contracts, contracts of international distribution and insurance, and customs procedures.

The lawyers of the firm highlight the “good evolution of the Madrid office since it was established”. Julia García has been a lawyer since 1998 and has been handling matters related to air, land and sea transport since then.
Verónica Meana has been practising Law since 1995, specializing in maritime and land transportation Law. She comes from a family with a strong legal background. Aside from her Law degree, she has obtained an LL.M. in American Law and has work experience in London maritime Law firms. In addition, she has extensive knowledge of arbitration.
Yon Murua became a lawyer in 2011, worked for a period of time in the insurance sector and, subsequently, came to specialize in Transport Law. He also worked at the Port Authority of Pasajes, which allowed him to acquire inside knowledge about the sector.
Aiyon Abogados also actively participates in the main professional associations of the sector, which allows them “to be up to date on the main issues, exchange opinions and experiences with colleagues and clients and follow the evolution of the business day by day”.
It should be noted that Aiyon Abogados has a solid multidisciplinary team of experts, which allows them to offer its clients an immediate response in all questions related to transportation and commerce. Their extensive training and experience, as well as that of their collaborators, also allows them to cover all the needs that clients may require in the areas of Company Law, Labour Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law and Administrative Law.