Verónica Meana and Mikel Garteiz-goxeaskoa participate once again in the Master’s Degree in Business and Maritime Law of the Spanish Maritime Institute

Verónica Meana and Mikel Garteiz-goxeaskoa, partners of the AIYON Abogados’ offices in Madrid and Bilbao respectively, are once again members of the team of lectures  teaching at the Master’s Degree in Business and Maritime Law of the Spanish Maritime Institute.

Aimed particularly at graduates in Law, Economics and Business Administration, Seamanship and Naval Engineers who want to develop their work activity in the maritime sphere, this master’s degree is also intended for the professionals of the sector who want to acquire practical and updated expertise.

The master’s degree, which this year celebrates its 38th edition, collaborates with the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Pontifica Comillas and brings here together prestigious maritime lawyers. It comprises of 500 class hours, will start in October and will run until June 2022.

Verónica Meana joins the Arbitration Team of the Madrid Bar Association

Verónica Meana Larrucea, partner in charge of the AIYON Abogados’ office in Madrid, has recently joined the Arbitration Court of the Madrid Bar Association.

The arbitrators are appointed by the Arbitration Court at the proposal of an Evaluation Committee designated by the governing body of the Bar Association after considering their curriculum and eligibility.

Since her nomination for the area of Maritime and Transport Law was accepted, Verónica will participate together with the other fifteen members in the resolution of the conflicts that may arise within this sphere.

Impact of COVID-19 in the operation of vessels arriving at Spanish ports: obligation to isolate or confine “Close contacts” in case of infection of a crew member and the “Free Practique”

Informative Talk on Maritime Law for Ship Repair Companies of Tenerife

Last May, in cooperation with our law firm, the Provincial Association of Auxiliary Companies of Ship Repair and Shipbuilding, (ATIREN-CONNAVALTE), member of FEMETE (Provincial Federation of Metal Companies and New Technologies of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Training within Metal Sector of Tenerife), offered to its members the first formative seminar on Maritime Law, expecting it to be the first one from many others that will follow it.

During the presentation, the speakers addressed the concept of ship repair contract, its diverse models and overall requirements. They also discussed arrest of ships and the right of retention as a legal guarantee for recovery of maritime liens, that companies devoted to works or supply of parts /raw material on different vessels which they work for might have.

Our partners of AIYON Abogados located in the offices of Bilbao and Algeciras, Zuberoa Elorriaga, José Antonio Domínguez and Mikel Garteiz-goxeaskoaactively participated in this informative talk, remaining at the disposal of the companies of the association, or third entities, for resolving any question or inquiry.

From AIYON Abogados we would like to thank to ATIREN-CONNAVALTE for the opportunity we were given, hoping that this cooperation will continue in the future.


AIYON Abogados Consolidates its Engagement and Involvement with the Port of Cádiz and its Hinterland

Thanks to the Group JOLY and its newspapers “Diario de Cádiz” and “Europa Sur”, AIYON Abogados SLP had the opportunity to show, once again, its engagement and involvement with the port community of Cádiz and the logistic framework of its hinterland.

Enrique Ortiz, the partner in charge of our office in that place and the secretary of Cádiz-Port, participated in an informative breakfast with the presence of highly relevant representatives of the sector. Among them, Teófila Martínez, president of the Port Authority of the Bay of Cádiz; Alejandro Sánchez, director of Institutional Relations and Public Affairs of Oliva Energy Group; Rafael Fernández, managing director of Bayport; Manuel Rosell, manager of Carlos Rosell; José Antonio Portillo, in representation of the agency Portillo; and Diana Domecq, chief executive officer of Compañía Gaditana de Contenedores S.L. & Concasa Huelva S.L.

The overcoming of the impact of the pandemics, the rail access to the dock at La Cabezuela and the digital transformation of the companies were, among others, some of the main topics that have been treated. With regard to the last of the cited aspects, Enrique Ortiz pointed out that Cádiz-port “has encouraged the technological investment and the option of teleworking”, underscoring the increasing activity, professional and continuous, that AIYON Abogados has been developing in the area of Cádiz and Algeciras since the firm was established 6 years ago.

Source: Group Joly 1.  // Group Joly 2.

New website of AIYON Abogados on Ship Arrest

AIYON Abogados has launched a new website devoted to the management of the ship arrest, both to request its lifting as well as to proceed with its execution. Thus, those interested in learning about and, when needed, in using this efficient legal tool that guarantees the recovery of a debt (International Convention on Arrest of Ships, 1999) may obtain all relevant information on

The concept of arrest of ships entails the detention of any kind of vessel by judicial authorities in cooperation with maritime authorities of the place where the vessel is located. Given the usual brevity of the vessel’s port call and the internationality of the maritime sector as well as of its operators, the possibility to take an anticipatory and urgent legal action, such as arrest of ships, allows for an easy recovery of a debt from shipowners and shippers. The same urgency involves the reverse procedure when the action is taken from the position of shipowners and shippers. 

Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers, comprising of professionals of renowned prestige and with a large trajectory as experts in Maritime Law is here at your entire disposal to assist any query or initiate any action related to ship arrest or to arrange the lifting of the measure on a vessel.    

“The Legal 500” joins the list of international distinctions of AIYON Abogados

AIYON Abogados SLP has received a special recognition for its areas of Maritima and Land Transport Law by “The Legal 500”, a prestigious international guide that investigates the activity of more than 2,700 law firms in 80 countries. This evaluation is added to the gradually extending relation of distinctions granted to the firm: “The International Comparative Legal Guides (ICGL)”, “The Insurance Disputes Law Review” and “Chambers”, among others.   

In its 2021 edition for Europe, “The Legal 500” places AIYON Abogados in leading positions in Maritime and Land Transport Law and recommends its services for being considered, according to collected testimonies, “a top-rate boutique law firm with a team available 24 hours every day of the year and comprising of professionals with an ample formation in law and in-depth knowledge of recent Spanish jurisdiction. The guide also underscores the “fairness and the easy communication of its lawyers”, “who have been involved in the majority of the main maritime, trade, insurance and transport cases in Spain with excellent results”. 

Maritime Law

With regard to the performance in maritime transport, the references consulted by “The Legal 500” stresses that it is “a solid firm that, from its offices in Bilbao, Madrid, Cádiz and Algeciras, offers an on-site service throughout the whole country”. “The extensive legal and technical training of its lawyers in maritime transport – the guide adds – provides them with deep knowledge of the business, the operations and its physical execution”. In the same way, “the proximity and the permanent communication with the clients (shipowners / charterers, masters, crew members, ship agents, insurance companies, etc.) and their successful and renowned trajectory in advising on sea pollution, collisions, salvage, wrecking, insurance, stowaways, ship arrests, piracy, ship repair and construction contracts are positively pondered.

Land and Air Transport 

The firm also receives excellent references for its “experience in any kind of issues arising in the sector of land transport”. Particular consideration shall be given to their efforts in national and international transport (cargo claims and theft, contracts of guarantee, contracts of logistics and multimodal transport, sanctioning proceedings, etc.) The expert capability and practice in air transport is also being addressed (insurance contracts and air traffic accidents, as well as purchase, leasing and financing of aircrafts, etc.) 

In both sections, the guide evaluates the added value of AIYON Abogados that, according to the references obtained by “The Legal 500” rests upon the ample experience of every member of the team (on average 17 years) and a large teamwork culture, since all the partners have been working together for most of the time of their careers. This allows the firm to choose the best team for every case and client in particular with the aim to protect and promote the business of their clients. 

“The Legal 500” 

The ´purpose of “The Legal 500” is to help lawyers and operators find the most suitable advisors by means their classification, based on the opinion of 300,000 respondents that are processed and evaluated by independent researchers. Merit is the only criterion applied for including law firms into the classification, which is thoroughly reviewed every year. 

Leading international expert platform entrusts the chapter on Spanish Maritime Law to AIYON Abogados

The International Comparative Legal Guides (ICLG) – leading global platform providing legal analysis, news, and research tools – has assigned the writing of the chapter on Spanish Maritime Law to AIYON Abogados. The technical contribution of this law firm specialized in Maritime, Transport, International Commerce, and Insurance Law will be, therefore, the reference for agents, organizations, and institutions’ consultations on this field worldwide.

The partners of Madrid and Bilbao AIYON Abogados offices, Verónica Meana and Mikel Garteiz-goxeaskoa, are the authors of the document, which gathers, and analyses issues related to the regulation of maritime casualties, cargo and passenger claims, the regulation of ship arrest and procedural issues such as the collection of evidence, judicial and other dispute resolutions methods applicable to maritime claims and the enforcement of court judgments and arbitration awards.

ICGL is a global network of legal experts that connects a large group of law and business professionals and covers common issues in the area of Shipping law in forty jurisdictions. ICGL chooses prestigious authors and information sources and provides a multi-channel network connection among them.

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