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The importance of “Rebus Sic Stantibus” clause in a crisis scenario

In times of crisis such as the one Spain is currently facing due to the COVID-19, both personal and commercial circumstances may drastically change without someone or something being able to avoid it; exceptional circumstances during which individuals and companies are prevented from complying with any contractual obligation of any kind they are engaged in. […]

AIYON Abogados cooperates with the Master’s programme of the IME (Spanish Maritime Institute)

AIYON Abogados maintains its commitment to cooperate with diverse institutions and associations involved in the progress and application of maritime law in Spain, as well as with Universities and educational institutions engaged in the formation of future professionals of the sector. This is evidenced by our already consolidated relationship with the IME (Spanish Maritime Institute) […]

Plan for Transition towards a “New Normality” – RDL 16/2020, of April 28

Within the State of Alarm which continues in force in Spain, a plan for transition towards a “new normality” or “de-escalation” of confinement that currently is living the society and that affects, to a great extent, small and medium-sized companies, was approved last Saturday, April 28. The plan has been divided into four differentiated phases […]

Goodbye, Fernando

Yesterday morning we woke up to some very sad news, Mr. Fernando Meana Green passed away in Madrid on April 9th. He had lifelong experience as a lawyer in the field of Maritime Law in Spain. For many of us, he was our mentor in this profession where he supported us since our inception, and in […]

Extension of the State of Alarm in Spain

The Congress of Deputies, at the plenary session on March 25, approved the extension of the State of Alarm for another 15 days, among other things.  This means that all the measures, orders and decisions that have been implemented up to now and have been extended during the period of the State of Alarm shall […]