AIYON participates in Piraeus (Greece) in the symposium on “Geopolitics, Climate Change and Regulations: The importance of Shipping Straits in the Global Maritime Activities and Markets”

On their recent trip to Piraeus (Greece), our colleagues from the Algeciras and Cadiz offices had the pleasure of taking part in the symposium entitled “Geopolitics, Climate Change and Regulations: The importance of Shipping Straits in the Global Maritime Activities and Markets”, organised by the companies DINO THEO ATLANTIS M.C., SL and MARGI MARINE.

At the event, José Antonio Domínguez and Enrique Ortiz not only had the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with the many attendees and speakers, all of them operators in the maritime sector in Piraeus, including shipowners and P&I clubs, but also, on behalf of our firm, José Antonio Domínguez had the honour of participating in the event as a speaker.

Together with Ms. Marilena Orfanides, founding partner of Coventinay and responsible for analysing the main consequences of the geopolitical events, Mr. John Ghio, CEO and Captain at Gibraltar Port Authority, and the directors of the organising companies, Mr. Dino Dritsakis CEO of Dino Theo Atlantis, and Mr. Evangelos Georgoulis, Managing Director of Margi Marine, our colleague José took part in the presentations, explaining to the large audience the Spanish perspective in relation to the Paris MoU, as well as the ship inspections or “Port State Control” carried out in Spain. We are well acquainted with the scope of this matter due to the many matters we handle in the firm related to ship inspections carried out by the Spanish maritime authorities, as well as for handling the varied and always complex administrative sanctioning proceedings that are brought against ships and their owners.

The panel in which we were honoured to take part, coordinated by Ms. Anastasia Vamvaka of Forbes magazine, was part of the “Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition 2024”, and featured a special performance by the renowned Greek singer Peggy Zina (

AIYON would like to thank the organisers and the attendees for the warm welcome our colleagues received at this interesting and relevant event, which has helped us to strengthen our ties with the Greek maritime community, as well as to meet new operators in the sector.