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AIJA is held in Athens (Greece) with one of our lawyers as speaker

As planned, the AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers) Transport Seminar took place in Athens on 14-16 September. It was a joint event in which the Arbitration Commission and the Public Procedure Commission also participated, bringing together more than 150 young international lawyers. Among them were our colleagues from AIYON Algeciras and AIYON Bilbao, Rocío […]

Reform of Civil Cassation following the entry into force of the Royal Decree-law 5/2023

The Royal Decree-Law 5/2023 of 28 June adopting and extending certain measures in response to the economic and social consequences of the war in Ukraine, to support the reconstruction of the island of La Palma and other situations of vulnerability, to transpose European Union Directives on structural modifications of commercial companies and the reconciliation of […]

The Future of Air Cargo

Until now, the concept of air cargo has been understood as the transfer of goods by air using the different types of aircraft available on the market to transport goods from one point of origin to another destination. But this vision must now expand and evolve as the imminent entry of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System), […]

Royal Decree 186/2023 and Situations of Anchoring of Tankers or Other Vessels Carrying Substances Harmful to the Marine Environment, when They Are Not Bound for Any Port or Terminal Located in Spain

Pursuant to its Sixth Final Provision, Royal Decree 186/2023, of 21 March, which approves the Regulation on the Organisation of Maritime Navigation (which is inserted below), came into force on 11 April 2023, with the exception of Chapters II, III and IV thereof, on the regime applicable to the dispatch of vessels, the role of […]

Protocol to the Agreement on the International Occasional Carriage of Passengers by Coach and Bus (Interbus Agreement)

As we know, the policies of the European Union and its contracting states always and everywhere promote international passenger transport in and through Europe. It is a fact that European tourism has been increasing for years and continues to grow. The contracting parties to the Protocol to the Agreement on the International Occasional Carriage of […]

Pablo Sánchez joins the Aiyon Cádiz office

After the latest incorporation of the lawyer Rocío López to Aiyon Algeciras, who attends the local office together with the partner in charge of the same José Antonio Domínguez, our office now incorporates a new support member in the office of Aiyon Cádiz. The specialized publication “El Canal Marítimo y Logístico” outlines that, having completed a […]

WISTA SPAIN Annual Meeting, Algeciras 2023

Last Friday 12 May, in the Millán Picazo Auditorium located in the Port of Algeciras, the Annual Conference of WISTA Spain took place under the title “Strait of Gibraltar: Bridge of Cooperation”, which was attended by our colleagues from Bilbao and Algeciras, Zuberoa Elorriaga, José Antonio Domínguez and Rocío López. During the conference, the speakers, […]