Aiyon’s new partner in Cadiz

Aiyon Abogados S.L.P., a Law Firm specialized in Shipping, Transport, Insurance and Trade Law, is pleased to announce that on 26 October 2015 Mr. Enrique Ortiz Bastos joined us as partner.

Enrique will be leading, together with Jose Dominguez, the firm´s office at Cadiz. His practice comprises all areas of Maritime Law, Civil and Mercantile Law, Land Transportation, Administrative Sanctioning Proceedings and Claims arising from Agency Contracts. With over 12 years of professional experience, he has litigated a wide variety of cases such as Collisions, Ship Groundings, Salvage, Ship Arrest, disputes related to Contracts of Transport, Merchant Marine Sanctioning Proceedings and a large etcetera. He is also considered an expert negotiator. Enrique is member of the Cadiz Law Bar Association.

With this new incorporation Aiyon Abogados S.L.P. strengthens its services in the South of Spain in the fields of Shipping, Transport, Insurance and Trade Law.