Maritime contracts in Spanish Law

The Spanish Maritime Law Association (AEDM), in cooperation with the University Carlos III and the publisher Dykinson, has recently published a book regarding maritime contracts in Spanish law, “Los contratos sobre el buque en Derecho español. Análisis práctico”. Veronica Meana, of Aiyon Abogados, has contributed to this publication with the chapter related to wreck removal contracts.

The book has been the product of the joint effort of many of the members of the AEDM and includes issues such as the contract for shipbuilding, sale and purchase, demise charter parties, time and voyage charter parties, bills of lading , other contracts for the use of the ship, yacht leasing contracts, passenger contracts, ship management, ship agency, port handling, pilotage, towing, classification, hull and machine and P&I insurance, and mortgagors’ insurance.