Royal Decree nº 563/2017 of June 2nd 2017 – Technical Inspection of Commercial Vehicles

In May 2014, the Directive 2014/47/EU of the European Parliament and the Council, of April 3rd 2014, on the technical roadside inspection of the roadworthiness of commercial vehicles circulating in the EU came into force. This Directive updates the regulation of the technical roadside inspections by establishing the minimal requirements for all Member States, in order to improve road safety conditions. The contents of the aforementioned Directive have been incorporated into the Spanish legislation the recently enacted by Royal Decree nº 563/2017 of June 2nd

The R.D. nº 563/2017 regulates the periodic technical inspections of the vehicles used for commercial road transport activities as well as the additional roadside inspections that are carried out randomly. The aim is to ensure a high level of roadworthiness of the vehicles that circulate in the EU and the highest safety and environmental standards during their use (Chapter I and II). Another key point of the RD is the correct securing of cargo on the vehicle as it is regarded as crucial for the road safety (Chapter III). Finally, Chapter IV defines the sanctioning regime and determines the entity responsible for keeping the vehicle in roadworthy conditions.

As an innovation, it is worth stressing that the Royal Decree fixes a minimum number of initial technical inspections of vehicles registered in Spain as well as in other Member States. Regarding the complementary roadside inspections, these consist of the first initial inspection and, if necessary, a further and more detailed inspection which might be carried out by a mobile unit or at the nearest technical inspection facility. Another innovation is the inclusion of a risk rating system which enables the identification of those undertakings operating in road transport that have a bad record in terms of the compliance with the regulation, in both, the periodic technical inspections and the complementary roadside inspections.

All this aims at ensuring more sustainable, secure and competitive ways of commercial road transport within the EU, carried out by those logistics firms that are concerned with the road safety regulation and with the environmental standards.

The Royal Decree nº 563/2017 of June 2nd of 2017 will enter into force next 20th of May of 2018.