Spain publishes its instrument of ratification of the IMO’S ballast water management convention

aiyon-abogados-transporte-maritimoOn 8th September 2016, Finland ratified the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship’s Ballast Water and Sediments, also known as the Ballast Water Management Convention (BWM Convention). With this ratification, the criteria established in article 18 of the Convention for the entry into force have been met, triggering the twelve month period for its application. 

Spain, who had signed the Convention on 18th January 2005, has published in its official gazette (BOE) its instrument of ratification. According to the publication dated on the 22nd November 2016, the Convention will enter into force in general and for Spain on 8th September 2017.

The Convention seeks to minimize the spread of potentially invasive aquatic species in untreated ballast water. It also aims to provide clear standards for the management of ballast water on ships.