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Extension of the State of Alarm in Spain

The Congress of Deputies, at the plenary session on March 25, approved the extension of the State of Alarm for another 15 days, among other things.  This means that all the measures, orders and decisions that have been implemented up to now and have been extended during the period of the State of Alarm shall […]

AIYON Abogados remain operative during the state of alarm declared in Spain

During the State of Alarm declared by the Spanish Government on the last Saturday 14TH March, with an initial period of 15 days that may be further extended, all the team of AIYON Abogados remains operative to cover our clients’ needs, insofar as it is possible in this unpredictable scenario. You can contact us through […]

Claims Made Clauses

The “claims made” clauses in civil liability insurance contracts are regulated in article 73, paragraph 2, of the Spanish Insurance Contract Law (Law 50/1980 of October 8th). This paragraph contains two subsections that describe two types of temporary delimitation clauses, i.e., claims occurring clauses and claims made clauses. The first of these clauses circumscribes the […]


What are Incoterms®? The increase in the volume and complexity of the sales of national and international merchandise has generated a growth in the misunderstandings and litigation that can always arise between the parts of a contract; with greater reason when the two main parts of a contract, seller and buyer, are located in different […]

The new team structure of AIYON Madrid

We must announce that our partner, Julia García, has left Aiyon Abogados S.L.P. We wish her all the best in this new stage, and we thank her for the work and effort she made together with our team throughout these almost 5 years of common trajectory. Good luck, Julia! AIYON Madrid‘s office remains fully operational […]

Royal Decree 596/2019 of 18th October on security and safety regulations applicable to the passenger vessels operating between Spanish ports.

On 21st December 2019, the Royal Decree 596/2019 of 18th October on security and safety regulations applicable to the passenger vessels operating between Spanish ports, which amends the Royal Decree 1247/1999 of 16th July, comes into force.  This new Royal Decree seeks to take into consideration the combination of security measures that are required and […]

The responsibility of the Logistics Operator

Port operations of goods during its permanence in a port are of utmost importance for the correct development of the subsequent maritime transportation. Indeed, this is one of the most dangerous and sensitive phases for the goods throughout which it might suffer considerable damages if the operations are not performed appropriately and by qualified professionals.  […]