AIYON Abogados Consolidates its Engagement and Involvement with the Port of Cádiz and its Hinterland

Thanks to the Group JOLY and its newspapers “Diario de Cádiz” and “Europa Sur”, AIYON Abogados SLP had the opportunity to show, once again, its engagement and involvement with the port community of Cádiz and the logistic framework of its hinterland.

Enrique Ortiz, the partner in charge of our office in that place and the secretary of Cádiz-Port, participated in an informative breakfast with the presence of highly relevant representatives of the sector. Among them, Teófila Martínez, president of the Port Authority of the Bay of Cádiz; Alejandro Sánchez, director of Institutional Relations and Public Affairs of Oliva Energy Group; Rafael Fernández, managing director of Bayport; Manuel Rosell, manager of Carlos Rosell; José Antonio Portillo, in representation of the agency Portillo; and Diana Domecq, chief executive officer of Compañía Gaditana de Contenedores S.L. & Concasa Huelva S.L.

The overcoming of the impact of the pandemics, the rail access to the dock at La Cabezuela and the digital transformation of the companies were, among others, some of the main topics that have been treated. With regard to the last of the cited aspects, Enrique Ortiz pointed out that Cádiz-port “has encouraged the technological investment and the option of teleworking”, underscoring the increasing activity, professional and continuous, that AIYON Abogados has been developing in the area of Cádiz and Algeciras since the firm was established 6 years ago.

Source: Group Joly 1.  // Group Joly 2.