Informative Talk on Maritime Law for Ship Repair Companies of Tenerife

Last May, in cooperation with our law firm, the Provincial Association of Auxiliary Companies of Ship Repair and Shipbuilding, (ATIREN-CONNAVALTE), member of FEMETE (Provincial Federation of Metal Companies and New Technologies of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Training within Metal Sector of Tenerife), offered to its members the first formative seminar on Maritime Law, expecting it to be the first one from many others that will follow it.

During the presentation, the speakers addressed the concept of ship repair contract, its diverse models and overall requirements. They also discussed arrest of ships and the right of retention as a legal guarantee for recovery of maritime liens, that companies devoted to works or supply of parts /raw material on different vessels which they work for might have.

Our partners of AIYON Abogados located in the offices of Bilbao and Algeciras, Zuberoa Elorriaga, José Antonio Domínguez and Mikel Garteiz-goxeaskoaactively participated in this informative talk, remaining at the disposal of the companies of the association, or third entities, for resolving any question or inquiry.

From AIYON Abogados we would like to thank to ATIREN-CONNAVALTE for the opportunity we were given, hoping that this cooperation will continue in the future.